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Bowl cristal trencadís

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Wonderful glass bowl made by hand. Its design is inspired by the well-known trencadís that the genius Gaudí used in many of his works. The manufacture of these bowls is based on a manual technique that consists of superimposing layers of colored glass on a base glass layer. These crystals are pre-cut to give them the desired shape. Then they are placed on the base piece by piece, as if it were a puzzle, and then it is placed in a melting furnace at a temperature of approximately 850ºC. This process is repeated for each layer of glass that we overlap. The combination of the techniques of baking and cooling at different temperatures allows us to achieve the desired effect. As a result, the different pieces of glass are fused together, preserving perfectly differentiated edges and exceptional color and shine. These are 100% handmade pieces. They are all different from each other, so the piece you will receive will not be exactly like the ones in the photograph. In any case, if you want a specific color combination, please indicate it in the "observations" field of your order and we will try to adjust as much as possible to your request. Size: 13cm

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